15 Advent Calendar Ideas And Activities For Teens

advent calendar ideas for teens

Unlike an Advent calendar for kids, organizing the countdown to the holiday for a teenager is a very delicate matter. Because its recipient is no longer a kid who is interested in everything, as long as mom and dad are around. At a transitional age, a child may feel lonely and not fit into any community. Even if it’s a community of Christmas lovers.

Therefore, the task of this Advent Calendar is to include the teenager in the general preparation for the holiday and show him that he can create with his own hands a magical Christmas atmosphere for himself and the closest people.

And unlike children’s Advent Calendar, where a child can make crafts and write a letter to Santa Claus almost without the help of mom and dad, here many tasks are conceived through a dialog with adults. Remembering our own transitional age (omg….), we came up with an Advent calendar with which the teenager can feel that the world – still in the form of family members – is interested in him and has something to tell him.

Advent Calendar Activities for a teenager

1. Ask parents or older relatives about their most memorable Christmas story

Choose stories according to your child’s age. A high school student can already be told both funny and instructive stories about your, for example, not the most successful holiday. And a 12-year-old schoolboy will be interested in hearing a story about the most wonderful or exciting Christmas gathering in the lives of mom, dad and other older relatives. In both cases, the teenager will be able to look at their significant adults not as strict authorities, but as ordinary living people with their own stories and memories.

2. Install Christmas screensaver on your phone or choose the right pictures for your parents’ phones

Finding the right Chrristmas screensaver for your phone’s is already an inspiring task. And choosing the perfect screensaver for your parent’s phone – in the right colors and with your loved one’s favorite characters – will help your child be more attentive to family members and their interests.

3. Listen to New Year’s and Christmas songs of your favorite artists or bands performing in their style

Many domestic and foreign bands and singers are now recording their own holiday songs or re-singing famous hits. Let a confused teenager know that even his idols are excited about the holidays.

4. Make a snow globe

Creating magic with your own hands is the ultimate inspirational process! Plus, you don’t need much to do it, and usually everything is already available at home.

5. Do snow experiments

You can find instructions for experiments for all ages on the internet. But we give you our word – even the simplest snow experiments can make adults and children alike very excited!

6. Make ice cream or milkshakes or bake cookies with such additives and in such colors as come to mind

7. Remember your main achievements for this year. And then ask your parents about the same

What is there teenagers – even adults most often do not notice how many useful and wonderful things they create during the year, how much they grow over themselves and what huge steps forward!

Let the child first make his own conclusions about the past 365 days, and then hear from his favorite people how much cooler things really are. By the way, moms, dads, uncles and aunts would also benefit from doing such an assignment.

8. Make an ice candle holder

Ice decor for New Year’s Eve and Christmas has been gaining popularity for a few years now. It’s a great way for kids and teens to create something festive with their own hands. Ice candle holders, vases, attributes for photo shoots can be created in minutes, using a minimum of additional tools.

9. Use your hobby to create a Christmas atmosphere

Let a young artist make cards for guests or a New Year’s poster, a poet write verses for a holiday song, a musician create his own melody or learn his favorite one. A fan of dancing can put a choreographic number for the whole family, a theater-goer – come up with a short play.

If a child is fond of needlework, he or she can make the cutest Christmas decor or ornaments for the tree, provide grandma with a funny scarf or embroider a winter fairy tale. And a programming enthusiast can illuminate the computer desktop with digital garlands.

10. Have a karaoke party with your friends or family.

We have already taken care and collected the most complete karaoke playlist with Christmas and New Year songs. All you have to do is stock up on tangerines, chocolates, garlands and Christmas spirit.

11. Play charades with friends or family

12. Take a walk with your loved ones around a winter town and take shared photos

An absolutely wonderful tradition can be an annual Christmas walk with your family to the same places and repeating shots from previous years. Just imagine: in many years you will have a whole photo story about growing up a child, transformation of city decoration trends, winter fashion and Christmas atmosphere!

13. Prepare contests for the whole family and guests for the New Year’s program

To prevent your teenager from scrolling through the whole Christmas night, it is enough to make him responsible for a festive program with contests and riddles for the whole family. Discuss with your child, in what competitions guests and relatives will gladly participate, tell about the most successful and fun ideas. Together think about the approximate time for each activity, music, props and prizes for participation.

14. Collect Christmas puzzles

Sure, you can put together puzzles online today, but it’s much better to turn this process into a real family holiday. With cocoa, tangerines, Christmas music in the background and warm jokes that only your family understands.

15. Make a fruit tree for the Christmas dinner

The perfect way to keep your child occupied on the afternoon of December 24 is to get them involved in preparing for the family feast. You can make a mono-tree of grapes or tangerines, or you can use an assortment of all the fruits and candies you bought for Christmas.

What to put in an Advent calendar for a teenager

Favorite or unusual sweets;

Merch of your favorite band, artist or blogger;

A certificate to a cafe or a subscription to a favorite Internet service;

Notes with kind words from parents and loved ones;

Souvenirs / stationery / nice little things in the favorite theme of the teenager;

Samples of care cosmetics, perfume;

Items corresponding to hobbies and interests: bookmarks, brushes, kraft notebooks, needles, small sports equipment;

Fabulously Christmas decor: snow globe, personalized Christmas tree toy (again, in the theme of interests and hobbies of the child).

May the holiday spirit be with you at all times of the year!

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